Saturday, January 17, 2015

X-men #23

I do like the focus on general super heroics. But I would very much like it if one writer could stick to the book.

I wonder how good super heroes in general are at spelunking.

Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Roland Boschi & Ray Leisten
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Summary: A large gaping hole opens up in the Utah desert and a mysterious storm is created right above it. The X-men, Storm in particular, are called in to deal with it. At the same time, the X-men's garden monster (don't ask, they just have one) is feeling sick.

My thoughts: This is the second time for this series that one writer has shown up to writer a single story arc since the initial writer of the book left it for unclear reasons. So any sense of a larger narrative is lost. It's just an all female X-men team going from one super hero adventure to another. But I actually don't mind that since it doesn't really need to be anything more than cool super heroines doing what they do best. There's a certain, unintentional honesty to it really. And while the series has lost a true sense of conhension between arcs there are enough elements that remain constant enough so that it doesn't feel like a completely new series each time we get a new writer. Namely the characters, the same characters are used in each story and they're portrayed pretty consistently each time. We're also lucky in that so far each writers have given us entertaining story(s).

The previos arc and writer focused on Rachel Grey as the team fought monsters and aliens in space. This time around it seems like the focus will be on Storm while the team investigates mysterious weather phenomenons that seem to have a farther reach than first expected. This first issue of the arc sells the premise well enough and has me interested in what's going to happen. It's generally good with no part being really bad, though I think it has a few pacing hiccups, and some memorable moments, Storm showing off her powers is always fun and I like that her claustrophobia is being brought up again.

If there's something I don't like with this issue it would be the art. At times it's ok but there are quite a few weird faces here and there and it's a bit stiff in general.

This issue is what it is, like the series in general at this point. A super hero comic that puts the focus on the super heroics. Nothing more or less. And I for one rather enjoy it.

Grade: Solid - 3

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