Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The principles upon which I shall judge all funny books!

Right, let's talk about grades for a moment.

As I review the comics I read I will like to hand out grades based on how much I like or dislike said comics. So I just figured that I would post a short reference guide/explanation for these grades so that they make a bit more sense.

I'll be using a 0 - 5 scale since that seems balanced enough. Enough grades to give me a nice spread but not too many to make things complicated.

0 - Awful: This grade is for the comics that I truly hate. The mere mention of them brings forth my repressed desire to rip them apart with my teeth before I burn the remains while cursing the people behind the little abomanation.

1 - Not good: I give this to comics that I find to be boring, poorly written, offensive or all of the above. It''s the stuff that I just regret buying but can't muster up any real animosity towards.

2 - Meh: Comics that get this grade usually have one or two things that I like about them but I find the overall package to be unappealing, though I can understand why other people would enjoy it. It could also be that the comic didn't live up to my expectations and I was disappointed.

3 - Solid: Middle of the road. Most of the stuff I read end up here as I generally know what I'm looking for and tend to get that. The comic is written and drawn competently and I was entertained for the duration during which I read it. Simple as that.

4 - Great: If I REALLY like a comic it gets this grade. I generally get one of two feelings after reading comics I like this much. I'm either so delightfully giddy that I wish I could geek out about how wonderful the comic is to just about anybody or I smile serenely at how great a medium lots of other people deem silly can be sometimes.

5 - ...DAMN!: I think that the comic is brilliant in every way possible and I wish that everybody else would read it so that they could start agreeing with me already. I will hype the comic to no end when recommending it to friends until it can never live up to the lofty promises I have set and they're inevitably disappointed. But I still love it and that's what matters.

And that about covers that. Next up, an actual review where I can get to put these grades to good use.

Have a nice day.

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