Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #3

It's a fight issue. Most people know what they'll get with those. Action and minor plot progress, and in this case it's of the good variety.

"Can't we just get along? Nobody ever asked during a super hero team rumble.

Writer: Al Ewing
Artists: Luke Ross & Iban Coello
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Summary: Set during the Axis storyline, the inverted Avengers have shown up to beat up the titular mighty Avengers for using their name. The time to rumble is now.

My thoughts: Say what you want about Axis, it's great way to make characters on the same side of the law fight each other without it feeling forced or silly, like in Avengers vs. X-men where everyone acted like an asshat to each other while much bigger problems where on the way.

It's really a classic kind of story for the super hero genre. One team is brain washed and they end up fighting a team that isn't brain washed. Only difference is that the brain washed team isn't fixed at the end of the issue, that's for later.

There's not really much more to say about it. The action is fast paced, one liners are exchanged all over the place, we get to see some fun match ups that we won't see anywhere else and Spider-man gets to be the big hero at the end of the fight, which gets a rather amusing conclusion once the inverted heroes have lost their advantage. Everything is done right for this kind of issue without any really standing out. There is some plot progression concering a few of the team's villains but that'll be important later.

I will say that I really appreciated that Spectrum and Blue Marvel were treated as big threats by the inverted heroes. It's always nice to see powerful B-list characters get treated with the respect they deserve even if they're not popular with the general audience.

Again, it's a fight issue. We know what we're getting and it's all good.

Grade: Solid - 3

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  1. Passing by, to say hi.

    And yeah, it was a solid issue. Inverted Tony is an asshole but fun to watch.