Monday, September 14, 2015

News: Rachel McAdams confirms role in "Doctor Strange" movie.

Another casting choice has been, sort of, announced for one of the many upcoming super hero films set to premiere next year.

Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and more but those are the ones I remember her from) has been confirmed to play the female lead in the Marvel Studios and Disney movie Doctor Strange opposite leading man Benedict Cumberbatch.

While McAdams getting casted is confirmed we don't know who she will be playing yet. Assuming that she will play the romantic interest to Cumberbatch's titular role there are two characters that people seem to guessing.

Either she will be Linda Carter aka Night Nurse, a medical doctor (I'm guessing she's a sucker for alliteration) who super heroes turn to for their medical needs when they can just turn to a regular doctor. Night Nurse and Doctor Strange had a brief romance that wasn't all that memorable. That and the fact that Night Nurse already, sort of, exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe leads me to doubt this choice.

I'm thinking that it's much more plausible that she'll play Clea, a powerful sorceress from the dark dimension where some of Doctor Strange's most powerful foes reside. Clea and Doctor Strange have a much longer history of romance than he ever did with Night Nurse, they've even been married to one another. There's tons of material to work with for the writers, director and actor. And on a personal note I think that it would be way more interesting to go with Clea rather than Night Nurse.

That way this could be the first time that the love interest in an MCU film is on a wholly equal footing with the leading man. Usually they'll be compotent in their own field but lack the same physical ability that their super hero beaus have. Then there's the one where the female lead is actually superior in most regards to the leading man but doesn't get to be the hero because her father is worried about her...I still Ant-man though. But the point is that if McAdams is playing Clea then she can have the same magical prowess as Doctor Strange and they can solve the problem together after Strange has gone through his character arc, instead of Clea doing some minor but crucial task while Strange does the heavy lifting. That would be really fun and interesting if you ask me.

Whomever she plays I hope that McAdams will do it with her usual skill and grace. And this announcement has further reminded me that a Doctor Strange movie is actually being made. Seriously, if you thought Guardians of the Galaxy was weird just you wait. If Marvel can make a Doctor Strange movie into a mainstream success I'll be seriously impressed.

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