Saturday, June 6, 2015

Secret Wars #3

After the destruction of the world in issue one and the introduction of the new world in issue two, the third issue of Secret Wars takes things a bit slower but still manages to move the plot forward.

Beware of spoilers in this review.

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Esad Ribic
Color artist: Ive Svorcina
Publisher: Marvel

Summary: All is not well on Battleword, more so than what the name suggests. A Thor has been killed and the remnants of the worlds that existed before the great desctruction have appeared.

My thoughts: It is nice to get some more intimate and slower moments after the more momentuous events and introductions in the first two issues. This time we get to learn more about God Doom, Stephen Strange and their arrangement for ruling Battleworld, aka their bromance.

To be more specific, Doom and Strange managed to survive the destruction of the multiverse, saved what could be saved and built a new world. One of them had to become God to do so, only Doom was willing to do that. They have an understanding, trust each other to the point of being friends and in general just want to keep what they managed to salvage safe. It's nice to see Doom having reached his goal of being ruler of the world without him getting bored or acting as a cliché saturday cartoon villain about it, and the strange limit revealed within Doom's powers says a lot about the guy. I just hope that he's sincere with all the things he says to those closest to him.

Despite focusing on more intimate matters of the heart the plot moves forward nicely. Now the two ships that contained heroes and villains from universes 616 and 1610, nice nod to the first Secret Wars series from 1984 by the way, have been opened and things are about to get messy. I'm actually excited for what's to come. This is not a typical scenario for these events.

The multiverse was destroyed and a new world was built. Normally the new world would be a dystopia shaped in the image of the villain of the story so that the heroes would have something to save and hopefully revert to normal. While Doom's influence can be seen in the design of the world and the world itself isn't exactly perfect the whole thing seems no less pleasant a place to live than the regular Marvel earth. What will the returned heroes do in this situatio? How will Doom react upon seeing them? How much chaos will the returned villains cause? There's lots of interesting confrontations being set up here and I look forward to all them.

Now, while it is nice to get a more character focused issue that still manages to move the plot forward it doesn't manage to be as big as the two previous issues and as interesting as it all is, it's mainly set up for the rest of the series. It's good, but not the greatest.

Grade: 3 - Solid.

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