Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Seven Deadly Sins volume 6

As the contest ends, a life and death battle begins. Emotions fly as foes and friends from the past appears and a shocking revelation turns the whole situation on its head.

Writer & artist: Nabaka Suzuki
Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Summary: Just a few rounds of the Vaizel remain before the Seven Deadly Sins can reclaim Diane war hammer Gideon. But when things seem to go as planned a group of Holy Knights attack with devastating new powers and an urge for revenge to drive them. Can Meliodas, Elizabeth and the others survive against their overwhelming opponents?

My thoughts: I do love this series. It is one of the most consistently entertaining comics I read nowadays and this volume is no different.

First of all, the action is phenomenal in this series. Each fight is dynamic, exciting and flows with the narrative so that new facets or abilities are revealed for fighters or new relationships are established. It's a great example of show, don't tell and it makes the plot constantly move forward and allows the reader to get to know the characters a bit better as informed by their actions.

And the characters really are the bread and butter of Seven Deadly Sins. There's a wide array of them and while they may start out of conventional archetypes there's pretty much always several layers of hidden depths within them that gets revealed as the series goes on. In this particular volume we get to see more of Diane's gentle side, learn more about Meliodas' past, see Elizabeth's situation from a different perspective and the titular Sins gets really nice heroic moment where they try to use their infamy as legendary criminals to save civilians (a scene that would be hard to imagine if you just glanced at their odd bunch of personalities). From the big moments to the small interactions in the background, there's a lot that makes you invested in the characters.

The story and plot on the other hand are a bit more conventional. In this volume we get the end of a classical tournament arc and follow it up with rematches galore against enemies that have gotten stronger than earlier. It's basically mostly fighting. But that doesn't make it bad or anything. This is, as I said, really good and you still get a bunch of character and story development in a very tight plot. It never stays too long on any one part and everything makes sense. There's really well handled tone shift from light hearted action to despairing defeat as the heroes go down one by one before the badass plot twist on the final pages. So, it's the plot is conventional and focuses a lot on the action, but it's all really well written and damn entertaining.

With this volumes the series continues to excell with likeable and interesting characters, fun and exciting action and a well written and entertaining story. Nabaka Suzuki knows exactly what he's doing and delivers a great shounen series so far hasn't failed to entertain me yet.

Grade: 4 - Great

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