Thursday, February 5, 2015

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #4

A compotent and likeable cast, an intimidating villain and an optimistic outlook. This is a great issue that reminds me why like super hero comics.

My only problem is that the Sherlock Holmes hat isn't actually featured in the story.
Writer: Al Ewing
Artists: Luke Ross & Iban Coello
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Summary: The new Captain America re-examines himeself after having been saved from the Red Skull's inversion. Power Man and White Tiger investigate the murder of the man who killed White Tiger's parents. And Luke Cage might be getting himself into more than he bargained for. All in all a usual day for the Mighty Avengers.

My thoughts: The reasons why I like this issue so much are really very simple. At the heart of it is the highly enjoyable main cast and their interactions.

We've got Sam Wilson, the new Captain America, who is dealing with the aftermath of the AXIS crossover story where he got twisted into an evil, for simplicity's sake, version of himself. In this issue we how the fragile trust the public had in Sam has been shattered and the media is tearing into him. They're almost as hard on Sam as he himself is. He's forced to confront his own failure both by his wandering mind and by the team's stern leader, Monica Rambeau, It's a great scene that shows Sam dealing with his issues like a mature and real person who bears the burden of standing for something more.

Then we've got the buddy duo of Power Man and White Tiger, the team's youngest members, They've got a bit of a cocky attitude that comes with youth and the abilities they possess. But it never comes of as arrogance. They're just confident and capable people, qualities that are to be admired and I do prefer it when readers can admire super heroes rather than get annoyed that they're being stupid and needlessly dark, which happens all too often nowadays in comics.

Lastly we've got Luke Cage, who is also recovering from the inversion. But he's doing it in a different way than Sam. Using his momentary inversion to get lead on a case is pretty standard stuff, and not really a twist since we can see it coming so I don't mind spoiling it, for super heroes, and a clever use of the situation. But it's also about Luke trying to redeem himself for what he did while inverted. And while he feels guilty the focus isn't on his angst. It's more on him dealing with the situation and showing concern for his family.

My one concern about this title is that certain things feel like they're moving a bit fast. We saw one of the side villains in one situation last that ended mysteriously and now she's got a design so different that we wouldn't know it was her if we weren't told that fact. It makes me worried about how long the series will go on. But that's a general concern when Marvel just annouced their big refurbishing called Secret Wars, which usually comes with titles being cancelled and relauched as other books, which can be annoying.

But besides that this is a great issue that shows off the cast at their best and makes them into heroes that the readers can admire, like heroes. A thouroughly enjoyable issue.

Grade: 4 - Great

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