Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So what is this about then?

Hello there.
This is my second attempt at the whole blogging thing and I figured that I would just give a bit of a explanation about what I'm going to be writing about here.

I am a fan of comic books and I read quite a lot of them. But I haven't really found a good place that I consistently use to voice my thoughts and opinions about these things. It doesn't help that I often read stories way after they've been published, which always feels a bit awkward. So I just figured "Why not create a comic book journal share your thoughts with the internet that way?". I went through lots of reasons why that's a silly idea before just deciding to just do it.
So this is how it'll work. I read a comic, I post a review of that comic here and repeat. My only personal criteria is that I only post about comics that I haven't read before, though I consider collected editions of a series that I had previously read in single issues to be a new comic for me since the format might make the story better or worse than when I previously read it.
And that is it. Feel free to comment, disagree, agree or do a funny dance if that's what my reviews prompt you to do. Oh and I am currently designing the blog's appearance so what I have now might look different down the line.
Have a nice day.

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